Friday, September 14, 2012

I'm in love with jEdit

Well I can say almost everyday in office I will seat and look at transaction logs. Sounded very boring, but trust me, I loved looking at those logs, especially when it comes to trouble shooting or looking for the root cause of a bug. Its not really my job scope, but I just loved doing it... hehe.. When something wrong with the application, I will be staring at the monitor, sit n pushing my chair to get closer to the desk..(its not because im thin :p, but its just how i stayed focus..(weird me, huh!).. I typically use putty and do unix command to see the log, but recently a friend of mine, Tan Kee Beng recommended me jEdit. Erm...I think i have started to love jEdit. jEdit is a GUI text editor. It is not a replacement for using vi on the command line to edit a configuration file on a remote server. It does serve well in handling many files simultaneously with visual feedback and with the benefits of a GUI interface. To put it another way, I use vi or jEdit depending on the need.

Btw, installation is fairly easy. You just go to the download page and grab the installer jar. I love it's flexibility for editing numerous code types and it's support for multiple codes in the same file, additionally the ability to find/replace throughout entire directories is also great Currently, I use jEdit to effectively "tail" log files that are active and changing periodically while editing other files. So lets turn to jEdit! hehe