Monday, April 21, 2014

Real Kids Putrajaya will cease operating?

This morning as usual, send ZD to her school, carry her backpack, walk her into her class, and suddenly, Pn Shabeena, her principle approached me. I was shocked when she informed that the school will end operation by end of May. Which means next month! 
What? Next month?
I don't really care about their reason but I am very frustrated and unhappy to know that ZD will have to go to another new school. New school means new friends, new environment, and that would be like a very scary story to her!
Owh well...what to do...had just informed the news to my hubby. Guess its time for ZD-new-school-hunting this week.

All in all, I am quite happy with ZD's progress so far at Real Kids Putrajaya walaupun quite costly. ZD pun happy with her school, banyak kawan and teacher semua dari support staff sampai principal semua baik-baik. Her social skills getting better, speech Alhamdulillah much better sekarang and she is adapting well with whatever situation she's in. Now Im sure this news will also make her feel sad!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blow the cobwebs away

Went for an interview this morning and realized that this blog has been dormant for some years... and has been gathering dust and cobwebs....haha
Oh well, I've just been so busy being the perfect mom & wife that I haven't had time for an update...
haha... crack myself up.
Peeerrrrfecttt~ is sooooo farrrrr from the truth it makes me cry.

"Child grows up so fast while dad remains the same. - anonymous "... err,,, ye ke?

Well, I am now in the two-kid club.
ZD is turning 4 this July and ZS is 10 months soon.
Time flies and I realised other than the daily posting pics to my family of them, I don't write down the feelings and anguish and all the craziness in between - for memories.
So it doesn't matter who reads this, I'm writing this for my beautiful girls! muaaaaxxxxx
"To ZD and ZS, semoga membesar menjadi anak yang solehah, taat pada perintah Allah dan patuh kepada kepada papa dan mama. Mama will always love you no matter what...muaxxxxx"