Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Suprise Birthday Party :)

Today, my darling razi threw me a suprised birthday party. It was very sweet because Razi also arranged with my family and my best friends to celebrate with me. So before the party started,
Razi asked me where to eat for dinner. I said, up to you!.. then he suggested, Lake Club House, ok? I just nodded. I was quite tired actually today as I have spent the whole day outing with my girlfriends.

As we reached there at Lake Club House, I started wondering why razi parked his car so far from the restaurant. He knows that I dont like to walk.. hmm..then i asked him,
Me : why park so far?
Razi : Saje, nak awak exercise
Me : Buat muka tak puas hati

And suddenly I saw a car in front of me. Its very familiar. Then I asked Razi again. Er, ingat tak no flat kereta baru pak cu? and razi said no... hmmm

So we walked into the restaurant, holding hands.. and suddenly SUPRISE!!!!! my family, cu and pakcu are all there waiting for me!!! (my malu2 mood changed immediately).

I thanked them for coming and we all take a seat and start making order. Then I saw ada dua kerusi kosong. Siapa tak datang lagi?
Cu said, my cousins. They stucked in jem. Hmmm...ok ramainya malam nie...terharu sangat!!! hehe
Then in 10 minutes later, my girlfriend Ros and Zarina walked in to the restaurant. Ya allah suprise lagi!!! Everything was planned!! Rase macam 'PANGGILAN HANGETTTT' je... and everyone laughed at my blur face.... anyway, I am so grateful, thankful and happy tonight!!! I love all of you... you guys really make my day!! muahhhhhh..