Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Choosing the right date for my wedding day

Yes, I know that this is one of the most important steps that you need to considered on. Picking a date to get married can never be easy. It must be a date that allows all of our friends and family members make themselves available on that day to celebrate our special day.

Some of you may prefer to choose a date that is meaningful to you and your loved ones such as the first day you guys met, or maybe choosing a different day, so that your special day will be special and remarkable. Anyway, its all your choice.
Anyway, here's some tips on how me and my hubby decide our special wedding date (12th July 2009)... :)

1) List out dates that are meaningful to us (me and my hubby), such as our Risik Day, the day we coupled, our engagement day and so on... :)
2) Next, we narrowed down by eliminating dates that falls on week days
2) The remain dates, we convert them to hijrah date using converter @
3) Do some research in understanding bulan-bulan islam. Antara bulan² yang dirahmati seperti, Rejab, Syaaban, Rabiulakhir...
4) Select at least 3 best dates
5) Stick to these dates and discuss with the parents. Only make date changes if we can't book the venues we want for our reception/ceremony.

Hmm...thats all i guess... hope it helps!! :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Marrying the man of my dreams, Razi...

Its been 1 year we've known each other..finally we decided to get married. Why? It's because we're so READY!!! :) And Alhamdullilah, Thank God, everything went smoothly and perfecto' as planned on that sunday of 12th July 2009. Im so happy and grateful to have a cool, understanding husband who loves me deeply. We're sharing same hobbies, same passion, thoughts and beliefs. Owh, How great!!! :)

Well, yeah honestly, initially we're not really sure if our parents are ready for this big decision...hehe...but we took chances. The main reason why Razi decided to talk about this on a more serious note is that he is getting busy with his job as a nuclear pharmacist. He's getting tight with his shift schedule which happened to be almost everyday even on our "Special" day (etc, birthday, anniversary, ), he was also selected by the hospital he's working to go for the nuclear training in Australia last year. Well, sometimes I did getting annoyed with his buziness even if I know its for his future career...Anyway, it was really a tough time, and we're almost giving up on this relationship until one day he decided to set a date for our wedding and prepare for it for real, just to have all of our time with each other.

He started it by telling it to his parents. The first reaction of course was like "Serius ker nie?", and then the first question was "Bila?". We havent talked about the exact date yet at that time, but we are choosing from June or October this year.

And then I told my parents about it too, same reactions and questions as well. Hehe.. Few days later, it started with parent to parent talk. It was so scary, and at the same time I cant stop thinking whether I am ready to settle down and be someones' wife. Definitely, there will be No more "manja² with my parent, and no more shouting² at my brothers. It's just about time to let go the 'babyish side of me... :P

Well, let stop talking about that and love thingy. I would like to take a chance here to say a "BIG THANK YOU" to my bosses (En Affandi, Hj Zahari abu Bakar, En Aznir, En Meer Khan) who come all over from Kuala Lumpur to Pahang just to attend my wedding. That was a BIG suprised, guys!!! Thanks to my MEPS collegues, Fizal, Wan, DYNAFRONT collegues, waverly, kar loon, abner, rayner, zairy, sereen & Yen Fai, KKChong & wife, also to my close friends, masfirah, ninie, elly, saiful azmi, wan nadia, sharlyn, linda and my bFF, ROSMANJA, FAHERYNA, NORZARINA!!! (teringat time kite berinai ramai-ramai malam tu...rugi tak amik gambar kan... **sob sob**)

cool bosses

Also, I would like to say thank you so much for all of your thoughtful wedding presents. Appreciate it alot!!.. Best gila bukak hadiah yang banyak giler ok... :)paling banyak dalam sejarah hidupku... hehe... Thank you, thank you, thank you so much...............


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