Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jom MyMobile!!

Have you ever had problems connecting internet thru your phone? or experiencing a slow or sporadic internet connection?

Bills dah almost due date, hutang dengan kawan tak bayar lagi (er, ada ke?...), adik pulak mintak tolong top up kan prepaid dia... hmm... susah nya tak de internet ni!!!!esok je la buat, tu pun kalau tak lupa lah :p

 Well, no more worries guys..Mymobile helps you to solve these problems without the internet connection. What you have to do is just dial *500*888# from your mobile phone (tak kisahlah you wif celcom ke,maxis or digi) and wallaaaaa you can do all the transactions at your finger tips and what important is in a safe, convenient and simple way. MyMobile is the simplest way for bank customers to access their bank accounts via mobile phone without having to download any application. It is also accessible via almost all mobile phones models.

 You can b in 2 diff types of user:
a) Unregistered user
Unregistered user wont require you to register with the bank, however you are limited to use the MyMobile services and the only service that available for unregistered user is receive money

 b) Registered user
To be a registered user, then you are required to register with the bank. Currently, the only available banks for MyMobile are CIMB, MBB and PBB.
The registration methods are as follows:
CIMB Bank via ATM
 Maybank via Maybank2u
 Public Bank at the branch

Services offered by Mymobile
- check accout balance (saving, current, credit and debit card account)
- Pay credit card
- Send money via mobile number
- Receive money
- Pay bills etc, astro, ptptn
- mobile reload
- cheque management (request or check status of the cheque book)

Apa lagi jom MyMobile!!!! more details, click MyClear..