Wednesday, April 15, 2009

feel like kicking someone?

Let's play Futsal... hehe..

the GeGuRLz
with Hana da' Blah

Who won, who lost, who cares... :p

Monday, April 6, 2009

What To Do When You Feel Stress or Tired?

Start POSING!!!! ...hehe...
Me and Dilla just got back from work and we started taking pics....
natural smile
control smile

Actually, byk lagi malu laa plak nak tunjuk... so guys... keep smiling for the camera... :p

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Quarrel to a better life,not to the worse.

Have you guys always quarrel with ur loved ones? I find that most couples who say they are in love, quarrel frequently. Well, to me sometimes quarreling is a ways to ask for attention, or to share some emotion.
Quarreling or BIG fight cannot be avoided in relationship, and all we want is to MAKE this relationship stronger everytime we had a fight with our loved ones. If life were to be so smooth for us, we wouldn’t have grown and learn to truly appreciate it. The same goes for love. If a relationship is ever so sweet and smooth, we wouldn’t have learn to really appreciate and cherish the love.
Quareling is actually means that the both have developed another step further in your relationship. It is only when one is closer to you that a quarrel will then actually happen. I don’t suppose you will pick up a quarrel with your partner whom you just started dating? You be just trying all out to please him or her instead, wouldn’t you?
But do however treat each and every quarrel SERIOUSLY, especially when the both of you have just started. This is the time for you and your partner to further understand each other more deeply, the time for you to reflect on yourself and honestly think about the relationship. This is the time for the relationship to be tested. A test of your love for one another, whether this relationship is strong enough to withstand any thunderstorm there may be or....
I believed nobody wanted any quarrel. If you are at fault, please don’t be too ego, you jolly well apologize and seek for your partner’s forgiveness.
Remember, love is a two-way communication. It takes two happy persons, a happy you and your love to complete the equation.
To my darling Razi, Im sorry for yesterday's incident! Love u as always....